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Gantry Turntable

The turnwall design carries 2 worktables for offline loading.  While the operator loads a part on the table in front of the  machine, the robots cut the parts on the opposite side inside of the workcell.

The quick indexing turnwall automatically brings the parts into the cell for cutting.  With the turnwall design, there is no downtown. 

Ideal for Large Parts (Carpets, headliners, etc.)

  • Multiple robot design for short cycle time

  • Fanuc M10iA / M20iA or ABB 2400 / 2600 / 1600

  • Offline part loading for maximum uptime

  • Two different parts can be cut on dual tables

  • Single loading area, footprint < 500 Sq. Ft

  • Single operator keeps manpower costs down

  • Available as open gantry or fully enclosed < 80 dB

  • Vacuum system holds parts & collects cut-outs, debris and waste water

  • Many available options and easy to customize

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