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High pressure waterjet is a powerful cutting tool able to cut through a wide range of materials. These materials are commonly used for automotive soft interior trims such as carpets, headliners, trunk liners, NVH insulations, door and instrument panels, bumpers as well as thin composite parts.

The energy required for cutting these materials is obtained by pressurizing ordinary water up to 60,000 psi. The pressurized water forms a fine water stream or “knife", accelerating up to 1,700 MPH as it passes through a hole bored thru industrial grade sapphires or diamonds. The 6-axis robot guides the waterjet cutting head along the part achieving typical cutting speeds of 4 inches per second (in/s) up to 16 in/s for headliners and carpets. The cut product remains dry because of the high cutting speeds and the small amount of water used (< 0.5 GPM).

waterjet nozzle.jpg
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