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Intensifier Pumps

How does it work?

The Hydraulic Intensifier Pump was the first type of high pressure pump developed and is still the most popular, not because of the technology but because they have been the only pump available to machine Integrators for years.   

A hydraulic pump driven by an electric motor feeds the intensifier causing the hydraulic piston connected to a HP plunger at each end to move back and forth in the high pressure cylinder which houses inlet and outlet check valves for water.


As one plunger/cylinder unit is forcing water out of the check valve the other plunger/cylinder is drawing the water into the cylinder and the process is repeated as the hydraulic cylinder reverses direction. The water is collected from the two outlet lines and accumulated in an attenuator used to smoothen the pressure peaks caused by the reversing strokes; the water is expelled to the high pressure tubing to feed the cutting head(s).  Hydraulic Intensifier pumps run at around 30 to 100 strokes per minute and they are available in 60,000 psi or 90,000 psi.

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