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Process Optimization

As the parts forming processes continue to improve in speed, trimming processes also need to speed up.  

With 25+ years of cycle time improvement experience we will reduce your cost per part allowing you to recognize higher profit margins. 

  • Utilizing a combination of Roboguide (Fanuc)/ RobotStudio (ABB) offline programming software and online programming, we will help reduce your cycle time & your cost per part.

  • Typical achievable time savings is 10 - 15% per part.  

  • 10 - 15% improved cycle time on a part currently running at 45 seconds is 4.5 - 6.75 seconds.

Process Optimization.JPG
  • Increases daily part production by up to 300 parts per day and yearly part production by nearly 75,000 parts running 3 shifts at 85% efficiency.​

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