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Offline Programming

Advancements in offline programming have made it possible to generate a program offline, download it to the system, and be operational in much less time than traditional online programming. One programmer is required versus multiple programmers teaching inside the work cell.

At DUO, we utilize advanced simulation software that creates a virtual 3-D model of the robotic system.  Our customers provide their data and we generate programs that are ready for upload into real robotic environments.   
Offline programming is also used for multiple pass milling. This is utilized for creating advanced fixtures for our customer parts.


Offline Programming (Page 8).png

Benefits of Offline Programming

  • Rapid programming on multiple robot systems

  • Able to generate new part programs for existing robotic systems already in production

  • Installing and fine tuning is done in a few hours opposed to days of lost production time

  • ABB RobotStudio can save up to 60% offline programming time

  • Machine downtime to transfer the program can be reduced by up to 50%

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