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Fixture Design & Build

Fixtures are key to repeatable and accurate finished parts. DUO provides fixtures produced from a reverse CNC cut model of the part. A fixture surface is then constructed from that model with a durable epoxy and fiberglass laminate.


These fixtures are built to withstand the harsh environment of waterjet cutting and can be manufactured with key datum points which allow for accurate offline programming generation.  With this process, we are capable of providing shorter lead times when actual parts are not available.  Fixtures can also be produced from master parts if CAD models are not available.


  • Positive locating bushings for trim fixture repeatability

  • Fixtures can be built with clamps or vacuum cups to secure the parts during trimming

  • Fixtures for waterjet applications are built with stainless steel or carbide deflectors to prevent damage to fixtures

Fixture (Page 7).JPG
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